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Vendor Feedback Survey


1. Were you satisfied with the communication and event execution?

2. Were you satisfied with the SafeSourcing Team?

3. Were all details of the event and all your questions answered during training?

4. Were you satisfied with the viewing screens during the event?

5. Was it relatively easy to use SafeSourcing's Tool?

6. Is safety in sourcing important to your company?

7. Are you happy with belonging to the SafeSourceIt™ Database?

8. Have you in the past had a bad experience with using an eRFx tool such as on online RFP or reverse auction?

9. What suggestions do you have on how SafeSourcing can improve its products or services that can help make for a more successful event?

10. What comments on the event do you have for SafeSourcing to pass along to the host company?

11. Would you participate in another SafeSourcing event if you were invited?

12. Event that you participated in?

13. Company Name?

14. Contact Information?

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