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Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Foods
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According to the FDA, Ready-To-Eat (RTE) Foods are foods which have been processed before selling to the consumer for consumption. They include:

  • Raw animal foods that have been properly cooked.

  • Fish intended for raw consumption that has been frozen to destroy parasites.

  • Raw fruits and vegetables that are washed.

  • Fruits and vegetables that are cooked for hot holding.

  • Plant food for which further washing, cooking, or other processing is not required for food safety, and from which rinds, peels, husks, or shells, if naturally present, are removed.

  • Substances derived from plants, such as spices, seasonings, and sugar; a bakery item such as bread, cakes, pies, fillings, or icing for which further cooking is not required for food safety.

  • Dry, fermented sausages, such as dry salami or pepperoni.

  • Salt-cured meat and poultry products, such as prosciutto ham, country-cured ham, and Parma ham.

  • Dried meat and poultry products, such as jerky or beef sticks; and low acid foods that have been thermally processed and packaged in hermetically sealedcontainers.


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