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Pet-Food Institute (PFI)
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The Pet Food Institute (PFI) has been in existence since 1958 and is the voice of U.S. pet food manufacturers. PFI is the industry's public education and media relations resource, representative before the U.S. Congress and state and federal agencies.  In addition, PFI has been instrumental in promoting seminars, educational programs, and liaisons with other organizations. PFI represents the companies that manufacture 98% of all dog and cat food in the U.S. marketplace. PFI is dedicated to:

  • Promoting the overall care and well-being of pets.

  • Supporting initiatives to advance the quality of dog and cat food.

  • Supporting research in pet nutrition and the important role of pets in our society.

  • Informing and educating the public on pet proper feeding and pet care.

  • Representing the pet food industry before federal and state governments.


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